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Sony UWABR100 - Wireless TV AdapterDo you have a wifi ready Sony TV? If so this could be the adapter for you as it brings wireless access to your living room!

The Sony UWA-BR100 wireless adapter also allows you to get your wifi enabled Sony Blu-ray player or Blu-ray home cinema system online and ready to stream video on demand content and catch up television services without the need for miles of tangled wires.

Imagine being able to show your facebook or twitter pages to you friends and family. What easier way than to use that huge TV we all have sitting in our lounges these days?

Combining your broadband internet connection and your internet ready TV you can access youtube and other video clip sites to get the video you want, when you want it.

Wireless access to your home media libraries are caterd for with the DLNA technology that the Sony UWABR100 wireless adapter sports. Stream from you laptop, pc, mobile or mp3 player.

The Sony UWABR100AEP works with all of the common wifi standards (802.11a/b/g/n) allowing the best throughput to stream high definition content to your TV.

Package Contains

  • USB Network Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1.5m Extension cable docking station

One of the most popular wireless adapters available today tends to be the Belkin G+ Wireless USB adapter. Supporting up to 125Mbps, it is not difficult to see why many people choose this adapter over any other currently on the market. However, is it really worth purchasing or is speed its only advantage?

The Benefits of the Belkin G+ Wireless Adapter

The main reasons why the Belkin G+ wireless adapter is so popular includes the fact that it is affordable as well as being easy to install. You can pick one up for less than £10 if you shop around. However, is the low cost worthwhile? That is what you need to know!

One of the main concerns which some users have experienced is the software. It is incredibly easy to install but there is a feeling that it is not as professional as it could be. Saying that, the main thing is installation and most people who have used the device have stated how easy it was to set up and get the wireless adapter running. The only thing you have to remember is to install the software before you plug the USB adapter into the computer.

You will mainly find this wireless adapter useful if you use the internet to download videos and photos. Many wireless adapters can have slow speeds, but the 125Mbps that this adapter supports enables fast connection speeds that are more than capable of handling photo sharing and video streaming.

It is also ideal for both home and office use. As it uses a frequency of 2.5GHz, iots coverage is quite good. Many businesses opt for the 802.11a standard as it has a 5GHz capability. However what they don’t realise is that 5GHz actually shortens the coverage and it is easily obstructed by objects and walls. So if you are planning on using the adapter quite far away from your router, the Belkin G+ adapter is definitely a good choice.

Things to Keep in Mind

The adapter works better with Windows XP. It does not tend to be compatible with Windows Vista. This is obviously soemthing that you need to be aware of as if you purchase it and you do have Windows Vista, it will not work.

As with all USB wireless adapters, this one is ideal for beginners to wireless networking. It requires no installation knowledge and it also doesn’t need you to open up your desktop PC to install it.

Some users have installed the Belkin G+ into laptops that only have a 1.1 USB port available and it has worked fine. However, it is always advisable to install the USB wireless adapter into a 2.0 port. That way you are guaranteed a more reliable performance.

Overall the Belkin G+ Wireless USB network adapter is definitely one that you should look into. Its fast connectivity and fantastic coverage capabilities make it one of the leading USB wireless adapters on the market. It is simple to install and it is extremely affordable too.

Whether you would like to connect your desktop PC or your laptop computer to a wireless network, the Netgear WG111 wireless adapter may be just what you need. Designed to allow up to 54Mbps, the Netgear WG111 adapter comes as part of the 802.11g range.

What to Expect from the Adapter

One of the great things about the Netgear WG111 wireless adapter is that it has quite a good range due to its antenna. So, if you are using it within the home the adapter enables you to move the desktop PC or laptop away from the router and you will still get a great signal. It also allows you to use the adapter in the office for roaming capabilities.

One thing that you may question is how easy to wireless adapter is to install. As it is a USB 2.0 adapter, you will need to make sure that your computer has a compatible USB port available. If you do then all you have to do is plug in the adapter and then you will be taken through the installation process with a Smart Wizard Install Assistant.

If you currently have an 802.11b network then you don’t have to worry. The 802.11g standard is backwards compatible with 802.11b networks so you can use an 802.11g wireless adapter with a 802.11b network with no problems and vice versa.

Great News if you Travel a Lot

If you travel a lot and you are installing the adapter onto a laptop, the great news is that the WG111 allows you to set up various profiles. You can set up different LAN profiles using Netgear’s LAN manager; each with their own settings reflecting the network they will be using in each area. This is particularly useful for people who have to travel around on business.

Due to the size of the Netgear WG111 wireless adapter, it is easy to carry around with you no matyter where you go.

To Sum Up

When you purchase the Netgear WG111 wireless network adapter, you will receive a USB adapter, a 5ft USB cable in case you require one, an installation guide along with a CD and a support information card. It takes literally only a few mintues to set the connection up using the Smart Wizard Install Assistant.

As it simply plugs into your computer, it eliminates the need to open up your desktop PC and manually install it. Some wireless adapters do require a little installation knowledge but this certianly isn’t one of them. That makes it ideal for those who are complete novices when it comes to network installation.

Overall the Netgear WG111 wireless USB adapter is definitely one of the best ones on the market. Using 802.11g standard, you can be sure that you will receive unobstructed, fast signal connection. It is also extremely compact which makes it ideal for those who travel around a lot. So if you are looking for an easy to install, reliable wireless adapter, the Netgear WG111 is definitely for you.