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One wireless adapter which you may not have considered yet is the Linksys by Cisco WMP54G PCI adapter. Often Netgear and Belkin products overshadow other makes of wireless adapters, but this particular model is definitely worth looking into.

The Linkskys by Cisco WMP54G wireless adapter is reliable, fast and it helps to keep your computer protected with up to 128 bit WEP encryption.

The Benefits of the WMP54G PCI Adapter

The WMP54G PCI adapter is designed for desktop PCs. It eliminates any ethernet cabling and allows you to therefore move your desktop PC around without having to rewire the connection.

It works by connecting you to 54Mbps Wireless G networks. It is also compatible with 802.11b equipment which can be found in many homes, public hot spots and businesses. There is a WEP encryption feature that enables you to keep your network secure. This prevents hackers and other intruders from accessing your computer. Wireless connections can be difficult to keep safe, so having WEP encryption is certianly a plus!

Installing the Card

The card is designed to be installed inside your PC. You should find that your PC has a spare PCI slot. The adapter will easily fit into the slot and from there it will provide continuous internet connectivity. You will also have to connect the aerial at the back, but again that is relatively simple to do.

You should find the installation pretty easy. There is a CD that you put in once the card has been placed into its correct slot. This will take you through the entire installation process. It is worth noting that it is always a good idea to use a router designed by Linksky by Cisco, as that will be the best compatible router for the card. It could be possible that the WMP54G card will not work with some routers. So to be on the safe side it is always worth purchasing it with its appropriate router.

Enjoying 802.11g Standard Speeds

As the wireless adapter uses Wireless-G networks, it allows you to use super fast speeds. This makes it an ideal adapter for those who spend most of their time online downloading movies or music. If you like to frequently watch streaming videos then there is nothing worse than a slow connection. Wireless-G is certianly not slow and it is the current fastest wireless network connection that you can enjoy.

If you shop around it is possible to pick up this WMP54G PCI adapter for under £20. That is quite a good price for a reliable and safe wireless adapter. You should never buy a wireless adapter that does not have added protection, as otherwise hackers could easily get onto your network and cause a number of problems.

Overall the Linkskys by Cisco WPMP54G PCI adapter is a good little wireless adapter to opt for. It has fast connection speeds, it is easy to install and it benefits from added protection. What more could you ask for in a wireless adapter?